Common Chia Questions

Can I Plot My Own Drive Using My Own Hardware?

It is completely possible to plot your own drives and add them to the existing system however this is considered a highly skilled task and because of this we do not provide direct support for this action. If you wish to proceed we recommend you join the Discord Server and reach out to the community for any further support you may require.

Where can I exchange Chia?

There are offramps in the form of centralized exchanges you can transfer XCH to USD/USDT/USDS
List of exchanges

How can I send or receive Chia?

Here at Evergreen we like to take complex questions and give you simple solutions and that is exactly what we did here! Through our Evergreen App you can easily send and request XCH through the click of a button conveniently located on the App’s home page. You can even review offers in progress or offers that have already been completed.

How Long Will a Hard Drive Last?

The longevity of a HDD can vary for a variety of reasons. Why Do Hard Drives Fail? is an excellent resource guide in the various ways Chia specifically affects the health of Hard Drives (HDDs).

What is a halving?

This link will direct you to Chia’s page on “halvings” and explain the purpose and function of them in further detail > Chia Block Rewards

Halving Schedule for Chia

According to Mainnet Launch posted on 2021-03-19 the schedule will be as follows:

0-3 years: 2 XCH
3-6 years: 1 XCH
6-9 years: 0.5 XCH
9-12 years: 0.25 XCH
12+: 0.125 XCH

What is pooling?

Pooling is a means to stabilizing the rate of your payouts at the cost of a small fee from your earnings to the pool to facilitate your consistent payouts.

You can learn more about the technical side of pooling from Chia’s documentation as well.

What is compression or TBe?

The distinction between TB and TBe is the amount of EFFECTIVE space of the plots on the drive that communicate with the Chia network. On their website describing compression a chart describes real disk space vs the effective space of the plots on your drive will provide to the network per each specific compression level


An 18 TB physical disk plotted at compression level 0 will have 164 plots and report 18 TBe to the chia network

An 18 TB physical disk plotted at compression level 3 will have 197 plots and report 20 TBe to the chia network